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What Makes Poems Great? +New FA Group

Or “Philosophies Of Poetic Composition”

I’ve started this thread in the hopes that all the aspiring poets here may discuss what characteristics they think makes any particular poem great. What do you think any great poem requires at the core? What are your ideas on rhyming, rhythm, and/or repetition? Does structure enhance the quality of a poem, or does it enslave it? Do you feel free verse is superior, inferior or neither? To you, does poetry feel dead today? Have any other thoughts? Let us know about your unique perspectives on poetry!

Also, I’ve started a new group FA for poets within the fandom. Please feel free to check it out! It’s called PoeticFurs [ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/poeticfurs/ ] Thanks!

I think that what makes poems great is their ability to put into words what people feel. The late poet Mark Strand wrote about this idea, please look at my DreamWidth journal entry on this subject.


Feel free to browse through my DW journal–it’s all about poetry.