Furry Writers' Guild Forum

Hello world

Hello all. Joining the forum now since I got associate membership. I already know several people here and others may have seen me around in the furry community. Hopefully, I’ll get to know several others during my time here.

For those that don’t know me at all, I’m a South African fur who is currently living in Austria. I got into the fandom through pokemon and fanfiction. I don’t write as much of that as I used to but I hope to push myself to write more in the future and, ideally, actually publish my own original work. At the moment, my writing is mostly non-fiction on either Flayrah or Furry Book Review. Outside of writing, I like science, power metal and gaming.

Hi hi! Nice to see you on here!

Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for the greeting! It’s good to be here, although it does seem rather quiet. It’s like that on another forum I’m on. People are all obsessing over social media and stuff at the moment, though I feel that might die down at some point.

It is rather quiet. The forums are mostly used for posting submission calls and other things that benefit from having a static discussion place. Most actual conversation has moved to the Telegram and Slack groups.

Howdy. Welcome.

There’s a Telegram group? I don’t recall seeing anything about that on the FWG site or the email I got, unless I overlooked it.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

There is indeed. You may contact me or another moderator for access.