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Collecting data for poetry workshop.

Alright, we’ve had interest shown in conducting a poetry workshop, yet not so much interest that I worry about being overwhelmed by it. Sounds good!

So, the purpose of this thread is for you to post about what you want from such a workshop. Do you have particular topics you want to cover? What sort of schedule would be best for you? Just whatever thoughts you might have.

The idea, anyway, is that somehow we’ll distill a syllabus from your responses.

I’m thinking that every other week we would cover a new topic until we’ve exhausted the “course.” And the first thing I plan to do is a primer on meter for the folks who need it.

Look forward to hearing from you.

This sounds excellent, but where would I find the complete information on this workshop? I don’t recall hearing about this proposal before.

Well, I guess if you’re going to start with meter though, you should also cover rhyme of all forms. Too many rhyming furry poets, just like my novice self, seem to limit themselves to perfect masculine rhyme, or, when they do deviate, they compose rhymes that are admittedly poor. So yes, follow meter up with rhyme.

I supposed you could set aside a week for free verse as well, because that type of poetry seems to be quite popular though sometimes also poorly executed.

Aside from that, I’m not sure how else you should divide up your workshop classes. I’ll let my fellow poets chime in on this topic I guess.

Greetings, and thank you for your response.

The reason you hadn’t heard of this proposal before is because it’s new! So, there’s nowhere to get more info until we have a stronger idea of what we’re going to do.

I’d mostly be interested in, well, workshopping poems; working together to improve a piece.

I’m willing to participate or contribute if I can, but I’ll let others decide what they’d like to get out of a workshop. I have no particular “wants” at the moment, only interest.

Alright, folks, I’ll leave this up the rest of the week just in case, but it looks like the ideas are taking shape. I will pass along information as it becomes available.

You know I want in on this X3 I would appreciate some time taken for meter. It seems to be something I only have an instinctive understanding of, and oft’ times that seems to fail me- as I’m sure you yourself have seen!

As for schedule, is there any chance we can do at least part of this in a forum format? Thanks to work, I’ve become a beast of the night and can’t get much done any other time of the week >.<